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Institutional Trader


VanKar Trading Corp prides itself on being a leader in innovation and integrity within the industry. We have developed this reputation by being able to provide our institutional traders with a suite of products and services to meet the most demanding professionals.

  • Customized software packages for trading platforms
  • Customized auto execution technology
  • Customized reporting
  • FIX/API construction
  • Professional Trade desks for large and complex orders
  • 24 hour support and access
  • Private label investments
  • Access to all major futures exchanges worldwide

Technology Solutions

We are a boutique brokerage group with a strong focus on developing new technology and continually improving our existing technology and value added services to best support you’re your trading. If you have your own development team, we can work with them to create new or improve existing technology.

We regularly enhance our products and services based on client feedback and requirements as well as industry driven advancements.

  • VK Trader proprietary platform for screen based and automated execution can be customized for your specific needs
  • VK API for connection from custom or third-party software
  • Assistance with connecting applications to Trading Technologies FIX and API
  • VK Alpha CTA Selection Model for superior multi manager portfolios
  • System developer services
  • Custom programming
  • System Filter for improved systems trading
  • Signal relay for multiplexing of system trading signals to multiple brokers

Execution Services

From electronic markets to floor execution. From the discretionary to the systematic trader. We understand you have unique requirements and we tailor our products and services to meet them. VanKar is an independent introducing broker providing CTA’s, hedge funds, money managers and other institutional traders with advanced trading platforms that are built in house by veteran traders in addition to professional trade desks and floor execution services provided by the clearing firms that we do business with.

We know that fast, reliable execution is a priority, and we offer traders professional execution services in electronic and open outcry markets. 24-hour desks allow you to execute trades on global futures through electronic trading platforms and open outcry markets.

VanKar provides you with the staff, technology and services necessary for optimal trade execution.

  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Automated systems execution
  • Professional trade desks for large and complex orders
  • Direct floor access to selected filling brokers and institutional execution desks
  • Contingency and large lot orders
  • Block executions with accurate and timely breakdowns
  • Give UP’s
  • Average pricing system (APS)
  • Execution only services to most FCM’s
  • Access to all major futures exchanges worldwide
  • 24 hr global access

Alternative Investments

From CTA selection and portfolio customization using our proprietary VK Alpha selection model and CTA database to our systems trading division. We identify, review and track interesting, new and established CTA’s and trading systems. Custom portfolios can be designed and implemented through VanKar or virtually any other firm.

VanKar can customize strategies and portfolios which can be private labeled.

Highlighted Services

  • Online trading through a choice of multiple trading platforms
  • Phone desk for orders and back up
  • Contingency orders and OCO’s
  • Real time online account access
  • Market advice
  • Risk and money management advice
  • Quotes and market updates
  • Newsletter and advisory execution
  • Education and help with trading courses
  • Access to all major futures exchanges worldwide

Introducing Brokers

Providing an alternative to the status quo. Set your firm-apart and gain a competitive advantage with our unique technology and services and our outsourcing solutions not available anywhere else. Benefit from our proprietary technology, IT staff and R&D to offer your clients superior solutions. Reduce overhead, improve your product offerings and focus on growing your client base.

  • VK Trader proprietary platform for screen based and systems trading
  • Trading systems and research not available anywhere else
  • System filter for improved system trading results
  • Systems execution, reduce overhead, improve your product offerings and eliminate the need to constantly monitor the systems or staff a full trade desk, reducing costs and freeing up your time to focus on growing your client base.
  • CTA research and selection for individual CTA’s and custom portfolios using our proprietary methodology and database.
  • VK Alpha CTA selection model.
  • Private labeled investment products
  • Execution services
  • Custom programming
  • Direct floor access to selected filling brokers and institutional execution desks
  • Professional trade desks for large or complex orders
  • Web site development
  • Lead generation and shared marketing
  • Downloadable and exportable trade activity
  • Online real time access to all account information
  • Access to all major futures exchanges worldwide
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