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Managed Futures


Managed futures is now widely recognized as a new asset class that can bring low correlation and significant diversification to an investment portfolio. Managed futures allows the investor the ability to generate high returns in all economic environments, regardless of the direction of equity, interest rate and currency markets – without higher levels of risk. VanKar has developed a powerful proprietary software program called VK-Alpha which helps customers select CTA’s for their portfolio with a higher probability of future success. The professionals at VanKar have decades of high level experience in managed futures.
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CTA/CPO Services

Vankar is continually searching for new trading ideas and talent. We have created an environment and network to help develop and grow your business. If you are an emerging CTA or successful trader interested in managing money or receiving financial backing, we can provide the following:

  • Business development and organization
  • Seed capital
  • Funding
  • Consulting services
  • Clearing and execution services
  • Access to our sophisticated client base of investors
  • Greater exposure

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Execution Services

From electronic markets to floor execution. From the discretionary to the systematic trader. We understand you have unique requirements and we tailor our products and services to meet them. VanKar is an independent introducing broker providing CTA’s, hedge funds, money managers and other institutional traders with advanced trading platforms that are built in house by veteran traders in addition to professional trade desks and floor execution services provided by the clearing firms that we do business with.

We know that fast, reliable execution is a priority, and we offer traders professional execution services in electronic and open outcry markets. 24-hour desks allow you to execute trades on global futures through electronic trading platforms and open outcry markets.

VanKar provides you with the staff, technology and services necessary for optimal trade execution.

  • Multiple trading platforms
  • Automated systems execution
  • Professional trade desks for large and complex orders
  • Direct floor access to selected filling brokers and institutional execution desks
  • Contingency and large lot orders
  • Block executions with accurate and timely breakdowns
  • Give UP’s
  • Average pricing system (APS)
  • Execution only services to most FCM’s
  • Access to all major futures exchanges worldwide
  • 24 hr global access

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Technology Solutions

We are a boutique brokerage group with a strong focus on developing new technology and continually improving our existing technology and value added services to best support you’re your trading. If you have your own development team, we can work with them to create new or improve existing technology.

We regularly enhance our products and services based on client feedback and requirements as well as industry driven advancements.

  • VK Trader proprietary platform for screen based and automated execution can be customized for your specific needs
  • VK API for connection from custom or third-party software
  • Assistance with connecting applications to Trading Technologies FIX and API
  • VK Alpha CTA Selection Model for superior multi manager portfolios
  • System developer services
  • Custom programming
  • System Filter for improved systems trading
  • Signal relay for multiplexing of system trading signals to multiple brokers

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VanKar has spent many years developing relationships with lawyers, accountants, capital introducers and fund administrators. These contacts are invaluable in the beginning phases of creating a fund or CTA, and can reduce the time and the difficulties of getting started.

If you are an emerging CTA or CPO or successful trader interested in managing money or receiving financial backing, we can provide the following:

  • Seed and trading capital
  • Marketing and exposure
  • Consulting services

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Consulting Services

We identify interesting, new and established CTA’s and track their performance, become familiar with their investment philosophy, process, and risk management. Extensive due-diligence is performed on each manager.

Our approach is primarily based on trading a composite of CTA’s, so as to diversify your trading and improve risk/reward ratios.

Selection is based on our proprietary VK Alpha model, coupled with our database that includes over 20 years of results from hundreds of CTA’s in the Managed Futures universe. VK Alpha is the foundation for selecting CTA’s and creating portfolios.

Our primary focus is on superior risk-adjusted returns using a unique and proprietary methodology, low correlation to other markets such as stocks and bonds, and in the case of multiple investment managers, low correlation to each other.

The firm’s extensive interaction with CTA’s around the world, combined with our proprietary tools, and methodology gives us a unique perspective and in-depth knowledge of the CTA universe.

Consulting services include:

  • Manager identification and selection, using the firm’s extensive database and VK Alpha CTA selection model
  • Access to proprietary database covering hundreds of CTA’s over twenty years
  • Customized portfolios
  • Real time portfolio monitoring and risk management
  • Performance calculations
  • Custom reports and research to address specific investment and marketing needs
  • Correlation analysis reports
  • White labeling of products
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