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Systems Trader

The addition of a trading system or multiple systems to investment portfolios has become a viable alternative investment management solution. Trading systems offer the possibility of positive returns in rising or falling markets, and keep your investment decisions consistent and disciplined.

Our approach is based on trading a composite of systems, so as to diversify your trading and improve risk/reward ratios. We continue to research the latest developments in systematic modeling, instant and automated electronic execution (Auto X), portfolio stress testing and risk management, and, where feasible, incorporate this technology into our client relationships.

Our systems trading group specializes in system selection, development and proper execution and is dedicated to the development and discovery of new systems, tracking existing systems and selecting the most consistent, best performing systems available. We provide selection, execution and multi-system portfolio analysis and stress testing and optimization on a real time basis.

Vankar works closely with you to clarify your trading objectives, ascertain your risk parameters, and assist you in selecting appropriate trading systems.

System Execution

Achieve superior results and eliminate costly errors. We offer an outsourcing solution for system execution to professional and individual traders, brokerage firms, fund managers and system developers. We use our proprietary auto execution technology, VK Trader that was developed and traded in-house, to execute systems.

We believe we have developed some of the best auto execution technology in the futures industry and will continue to improve it. We regularly enhance the product based on client feedback and requirements as well as industry driven advancements. Our automated execution technology is developed and supported in house with software developers devoted full-time to keeping our VK Trader trading software on the cutting-edge. We feel this sets us apart from other futures firms offering automated execution services using third party products.

Using our VK Trader technology we can provide superior and unique solutions for automated execution with a strong focus on slippage reduction, speed and reliability to achieve results as close as possible to the trading system’s theoretical performance.

Systems can be hosted at our location and traded using our infrastructure. Trading of systems using VanKar’s infrastructure eliminates the need to constantly monitor the systems and support a full trade desk and IT staff along with the necessary lines and equipment, reducing overhead, mistakes and freeing up your time to improve your systems and raise funds.

You can also use our technology from your own location. In either case, your code is protected and never needs to be revealed.

Our technical system staff is dedicated to automated traders. This group includes experienced programmers, testers and traders that understand the unique and complex situations that can arise.

  • Execution of virtually any programming language
  • Unique solutions for slippage reduction
  • TradeStation users can easily automate strategies without any modification to EasyLanguage code
  • Signal relay for multiplexing of trading signals for to multiple brokers through a single log in
  • Execution of locked and protected code
  • Real time position monitoring
  • Dedicated point to point connections to Trading Technologies high-speed, ultra-reliable FIX gateways and API
  • Assistance with connecting applications to TT’s FIX and API
  • VK API connection from custom or third-party software
  • Redundant connections
  • 24 hour network monitoring
  • 24 hr global access
  • In-house development and programming team
  • Give UP’s and execution to most any FCM
  • Average pricing system (APS)
  • Block executions with accurate and timely breakdowns

Developer Services

VanKar offers a full range of services for professional traders, money managers, financial institutions and systems vendors. We can help with the entire process from confidential custom coding, testing and evaluation, execution and trading capital. VanKar helps experienced and new system traders evaluate and improve existing strategies or custom code entirely new ones.

You may have a profitable manual trading strategy that can benefit by automation and may not have the necessary programming skills or experience. We can provide an objective opinion on the potential of your proposed trading system and suggest areas of improvement. A detailed understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of your system could substantially improve the profitability of your system and help you to avoid costly mistakes. We provide the technology and resources to develop and improve your ideas.

  • Over thirty years combined experience developing and integrating trading systems
  • Contractual agreements to assure confidentiality and protect the trader’s strategy
  • Trading capital for selected strategies
  • Expert programming for TradeStation EasyLanguage, C++ , VB, Delphi, Excel, C# and others
  • Algorithm and system testing and analysis
  • Trading of the strategy utilizing VanKar’s infrastructure
  • Custom trading automation solutions using VK Trader proprietary technology
  • Unique approaches to slippage reduction and execution
  • Assistance with connecting applications to Trading Technologies FIX and API
  • VK API for custom or third-party software
  • Signal relay for multiplexing of trading signals to multiple brokers through a single log in
  • Exposure on VanKar web site and to client base for system vendors
  • Co-marketing